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Our Programs


Enhance employee wellbeing and productivity with mindfulness practices tailored for the modern workplace through experiential learning.

  • Connect with our brain

  • Hands-on practice 

  • Enhance focuses

  • Explore ways to sustain in daily life and at workplace 

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Workplace Wellbeing  Training

Enhance individuals' wellbeing through extending employees' understanding on wellness, infusing work-life balance and creating an open team culture.

  • Connect mindfulness to our work-life circumstances

  • Extensive understanding on wellbeing 

  • Explore our potential and talents with improved personal management

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ESG: Social 


Advance your company's ESG agenda with our program, designed to build a respectful workplace where diversity and inclusion are celebrated.

  • Mitigates Unconscious Bias

  • Improve digital wellbeing

  • Strengthens Corporate Social Responsibility

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Wellbeing Activities

Revitalize your organization with our creative wellbeing workshops, with diverse sensory-based experiences.

  • Encourage self-expression

  • Foster relaxation

  • Promote inner peace 

  • Cultivate mindfulness

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Wellbeing Induced Performance Training

Harness the often-neglected transformative power of employee wellbeing to drive exceptional performance. 

  • Acknowledge stress and burnout Understand our emotional needs 

  • Cultivate compassion and resilience

  • An goal-oriented workshop with extensive tools & practises

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