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Social Sustainability Program

Be the pioneer and commit to becoming great corporate leaders, by addressing the unconscious bias, promoting diversity, workplace well-being, and fostering inclusivity.


Topics & Content

1. Unconscious Bias

- Understand how negative perception is formed through a psychological exercise “black spot”

- Eliminate employees' biases on encountering problems and negativity from psychological perspectives

- Create perception shift through 4 Bias Breaking Actions​​

2. Boundaryless Communication

- Empower employees to communicate with different kinds of people in terms of race, religion, age and socio-economic backgrounds

- Uncover psychological blindspots on communication through the “Boey & Partners” test​

- Introduce a 3-step inclusive communication to reduce conflicts and inefficiency in communication

3. Right Tagging for Relationship Building

- Recognise the ​preconception and stereotype exist between teams of diversity and difference

- Experience the adverse effect of stereotype and ​preconception through a simulation activity “Perfect Triangle”

- Learn the 3 approaches of proper labelling and tagging to build and rebuild relationships with others

4. Wellbeing Guides for eWorkplace

- Heighten the awareness of employees' wellbeing when working remotely and virtually

- Acknowledge the preferences and risks of eWorkplace through the “Homebody” assessment

- Acquire proven methods - the Fantastic-4 ways to protect and promote wellbeing in eWorkplace

5. Fairtrade

6. Eco-friendly Workplace

Ignite employees' awareness on corporate sustainability and personal growth as corporate professionals. empower positive mindset shift and transformative behavioural change in both workplace and daily life.

7. Gameshift:

"SOS" Workshop


Participate in the original and interactive workshop: 

- Navigate individual and team challenges with strategic thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration

- Empower employees to contribute with personal strengths and make responsible choices

Workshop Details

  • 1 hour luncheon talk / 3.5 hour comprehensive workshop 

  • No limitation for luncheon talk or introductory workshop. Up to 35 pax for comprehensive workshop

  • Face-to-face / Online

Image by Hannah Busing
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