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Emotional Agility Program

 A transformative program designed to enhance emotional management, resilience, and adaptability in the workplace. Equip the workforce with coping skills and motivate with clarity.

Tangible Tools

Equips staff with tools to navigate stress and challenges, fostering a more resilient, motivated and solution-oriented  workforce.

Supportive Culture

Fosters communication and leads to a cohesive working environment with empathy, empowerment, and creativity.

Brand Excellence

Embody corporate social responsibility by prioritising employees' wellbeing, personal development, and equality in the workplace.

Program Content

1. Gather an overview of Emotional Agility and understand its significance. 

2. Recognise our emotional cycles and needs with tools and techniques.

3. Apply Emotional Agility in decision-making and problem-solving.

4. Build resilience, cultivate mindfulness and compassion through Emotional Agility.

Program Details

  • Featured content and practice for junior workforce, middle management and executives

  • 1 hour luncheon talk / 3.5 - 6 hour comprehensive workshop

  • No limitation for luncheon talk or introductory workshop. Up to 30 pax for experiential workshop

  • Face-to-face / Online

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