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Wellbeing Induced Performance Training

Harness the transformative power of employee wellbeing which actually drive performance, engagement, satisfaction, and mitigate burnout, cultivating a positive work culture for sustained organizational success.

All-rounded Improvement

Enhance employees' mental flexibility, amplify performance, work satisfaction while mitigating stress and burnout.

Positive Working Culture

Fuel the working environment by with optimism and resilience, and ignite employee's motivation and potential.

Engaging Simulation

Engage in simulations to learn effective emotional regulation, stress management techniques, to build resilience and confidence.

Our Programs

Emotional Agility 

An evidence-based training that boosts employees’ mental flexibility, and thus improves performance, wellbeing, customer satisfaction, revenue, adaptability, and values alignment in organizations.

  1. Decode different emotions & uncover the implications

  2. Explore the NASA approach & navigate challenging situations 

  3. Harness inner sensations and voices to make informed decisions

  4. Develop an emotionally agile leadership style & foster open communication in team


Foster team resilience by preparing participants to recognize the locus of control and character strengths, and thus enhance emotional regulation, optimism, and adaptability.

  1. Rethink resilience; embracing vulnerability is the essential first step 

  2. Explore strategies and navigate locus of control

  3. Develop a strength-based (self) leadership 

  4. Build up capacity and Set value-aligned goals

  5. Enhance self-esteem

Stress & Burnout

Harness the potential of stress, differentiate eustress from distress. Dissect the stress appraisal theory, and develop evidence-based tools for personal growth and prevent burnout.

  1. Differentiate between distress and eustress, unlock the power to thrive in the stress-free zon

  2. Explore stress appraisal theory 

  3. Focus on the shift of perspectives and develop strategies to navigae throught tough scenarios 

  4. Recognise burnout and equip with toolkits to reduce stress

Psychological Capital

Ignite performance with positive psychology. Cultivate resilience, optimism, hope, and self-efficacy for increased productivity, engagement, and wellbeing in the workplace.

  1. Unleash your superpowers and uncover your mental toolkit: HERO 

  2. Cultivate your resilience

  3. Harness the power of positivity

  4. Ignite the flame of hope

  5. Boost self-efficacy and Unlock your limitless potential to conquer challenges

Program Details

  • Featured content and practice for junior workforce, middle management and executives

  • 1 hour luncheon talk / 3.5 - 6 hour comprehensive workshop

  • No limitation for luncheon talk or introductory workshop. Up to 30 pax for experiential workshop

  • Face-to-face / Online

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