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5 Senses Wellbeing Activities

Revitalise your organization with our creative wellbeing activities, focusing on holistic health through engaging and soothing sensory-based experiences.

Unique Experience

Make sensory-rich experience accessible, enhance relaxation, focus and encourage innovation

Consistent Commitment

Commit to improving employees' mental and physical health. Advocate and align with corporate wellness goals.

Brand Excellence

Facilitate strong team bonds through engaging wellbeing activities, promote inclusiveness and authenticity at workplace.

Topics & Content

Engage touch, smell, taste, hearing, and vision to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation.

  • Nourishing Sound 

       - Lunchtime mindful concerts to promote inner peace and kindness.

  • Tea for Self-Care 

       - Exploring tea's health benefits and mindfulness in preparation and consumption.

  • Mindful Movement

        - Yoga and self-massage workshops to nurture health and reduce stress.

  • Creative Expression Workshops

       - With sustainable nature art, watercolor painting, and face painting sessions.

       - To foster creativity and self-expression.

  • Facepaint Day: Self-Empowerment Facepaint day

       - Artistic expression fosters unity, well-being, and inclusivity.

       -  Mindfulness and body art empower individuality and embrace diversity.

       - To cultivate self-love, reduces stress, and reinforces social responsibility. 

Program Details

  • 1 hour lunch event / whole day experiential workshop

  • Flexible participant size depending on workshop format

  • Face-to-face (primarily) / Online

Image by Alice Dietrich
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