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Often feel tired at work? 5 techniques to help you rest better at night!

Timely rest is crucial for maintaining work performance and personal well-being during busy workdays. However, not all types of rest are equally effective. Here are some rest methods that can improve mental health and work performance:

1. Duration and timing of rest:

Short breaks (micro-breaks), even just a few minutes, can effectively prevent fatigue and enhance work performance if done regularly. For example, people can have a snack, stretch, or gaze out the window during short breaks. The timing of rest is also important. Morning breaks tend to be more effective, while longer breaks may be needed in the afternoon to recharge, as fatigue tends to increase over the course of the workday.

2. Location of rest:

The location of rest is critical for recovering energy. For example, stretching at the desk and taking a walk outdoors, though seemingly similar, differ greatly in their restorative effects. Studies show that resting in outdoor green spaces is much more effective for restoring employees' physical and mental energy than resting at the desk.

3. Rest activities:

Engaging in physical activity during breaks is highly effective for improving both physical and mental well-being, as well as work performance. This is especially valuable for cognitively demanding jobs. However, the positive effects of this type of rest are temporary, so employees need to exercise regularly to reap the benefits.

4. Impact of social media:

While browsing social media is one of the most common rest activities, research has found that using social media during work breaks can lead to emotional exhaustion, negatively impacting creativity and work engagement. Therefore, this rest method may not be conducive to enhancing work performance.

5. Company of pets:

Studies show that interacting with dogs can reduce cortisol levels, an objective indicator of stress. Interaction with pets not only significantly improves individual mental health, but is also strongly associated with improved work performance.

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