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Road to Happiness—----5 ways to maintain well being 

Our mental health is closely linked to self(well-being)---- meaning how you feel about yourself and your life. Everyoe wants to feel good each day, so we will state 5 ways to maintain well-being here (From New Economics Foundation)

1) Connect

This refers to connecting more socially. Making friends and participating in group activities are good examples of this. Some research about the benefits of connecting are as follows: 

  1. happier people can add 7.5 years to their life, and 

  2. The higher the level of wellbeing the more likely a person is to be in work or full-time education. 

2) Keep Learning

Constantly learning new skills can provide a sense of fulfilment to oneself when we observe our improvement in the area. Additionally, a sense of purpose and belonging can be achieved if the skill used can be applied on social activities, such as team competitions. It might also be that one can act as a teacher/tutor to others if he/she mastered the skill, adding yet another sense of purpose in life. We advise constantly seeking and thinking about potential areas that you might be interested in, then pursuing it. Being able to spend time learning something you like can definitely help improve one's well being.


3) Be physically active

Physical exercise is important because it can maintain a person's fitness. This can provide a better physical attractiveness and so boost confidence. In addition, it would also make us less likely to get sick. Another advantage is that it can help us relieve stress and dampen recent bad memories because a high amount of concentration has to be used during exercise. Finally, it can improve the cognitive ability for older people such that their muscle functions decline slower, giving them better self esteem as they realise they can still move relatively effectively for their age.

4) Be Aware 

This involves always understanding one's thoughts and feelings at the present. While this sounds simple, many actually fail to do so and instead opt to suppress negative emotions in times of dire stress because they do not want to face them, or feel too busy to do so. However, this leads to a long term effect of not being able to feel the mental pain of the body. The accumulated unsettled mental pain would result in poor well being. We suggest practising mindfulness when feeling bad to avoid this situation. ( Read more about mindfulness: Negative emotions and energy would not build up if we do so.

5) Help others

Showing kindness to others can make us feel better everyday as we become more light hearted. Others would also treat us kinder in return, which would make ourselves feel better everyday. Also, it provides a sense of achievement, when you manage to help someone who would have otherwise suffered without you. You feel useful, which builds self esteem and thus well being.

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