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Daydreaming at work? 3 tips to crash it!

We've all been there----- daydreaming while working. Often, this leads to a huge waste of time and in serious cases, poor productivity and a failure to meet deadlines. Luckily, today we will provide you with some tips to avoid this insane waste of time to push you to maximise work efficiency!


1) Take time to mediate before work


People often underestimate the effect that emotions can have on work concentration. Constant thoughts of how you argued with your boyfriend last night floating around your mind would definitely not help. Mediation can help us focus on the present and calm down. A simple practice of closing one's eyes for a minute or two and focusing on small actions like breathing or drinking tea would do the trick (Read more here). With a clearer and calmer mind, thoughts prior to the present task would not be able to invade us as easily, boosting our concentration.



2) Set timetables and to-do lists:

Daydreaming and procrastinating during work often occurs due to a lack of purpose or clear goal. How could we not drift off when we do not even understand ourselves what we are trying to accomplish? Our brain is the least energized when befuddled. Setting a to-do list can prevent this. Additionally, timetables act as a reminder that there is a time limit to each task to provide a sense of urgency to our brain. A psychological point of view states this can help us focus as we feel danger as time runs out. Fulfilling the task within the deadline can also provide us with a sense of self accomplishment and motivate us to focus more to achieve similar results in the future.


3) Taking regular breaks

Research shows that most adults can only focus deeply on a task for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, after which their attention would start to wander. Realistically, we suggest taking small breaks after every 45 minute work sessions to allow our brain to recharge and rest. Walk around, mediate, or grab a small snack. Relax. Try not to think about any troubling matters during this period. This way, we would be fresh and ready for our next session.

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