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Be the one to bring warmth and empathy into your workplace!

A workplace without empathy and compassion is one that most of us would feel hard-pressed to perform well in. After all, we humans have emotions, not machines! Bringing empathy into our workplace can provide a sense of safety and warmth for us such that we would feel much happier in it overall, and thus also boost our work efficiency.

We would thus like to mention a few tips for you to help promote such an atmosphere below!

But before we begin, we would like to bring out an interesting psychological phenomenon: reciprocity. The meaning of this term is people are nicer towards those who act friendlier towards them and more hostile towards those who act nasty. In other words, attitudes are reflected. 

1) Active listening 

Active hearing involves listening with our heart what the other person is saying and responding in a way that shows understanding and respect. This practice is absent in many workplaces as most people are too indulged in their own work to really care about what others say. Many may also find their own life problems to be troubling enough and thus do not have the heart to listen to others. However, by the concept of reciprocity, love and care would be reflected when one gives it to others. Therefore, in the long run being an active listener can actually help oneself as the atmosphere in the workplace turns friendlier when more and more people decide to reciprocate this act. 

2) Show appreciation to others.

 Simple words of appreciation which may at first sound negligible are often the key to changing everyone's mood. Showing gratitude for small unconscious kind acts from someone acts as an active encouragement for them to keep doing so. It also makes the person being complimented like you more-----after all, who doesn't like feeling appreciated! As people tend to feel more empathetic to those they like, this act can definitely help in the long run. By reciprocity, the act can also influence others to show appreciation to you the next time you do something friendly, improving your mood too. 

3) Communicate openly with others 

Open communication means to act true around others. Acts such as talking about people behind their back should be avoided. We can voice out any discomforts we feel towards another colleague directly (in a respectful manner, of course). This prevents hostile tensions from building up. There would also be less misunderstandings this way and thus increase the likelihood of friendly interactions in the workplace. A friendlier environment would then finally lead to more empathy being shown from everyone.

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