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Transforming Corporate Success & Embracing Sustainability with us

A Workplace Wellbeing Platform


2BeGuru is a workplace wellbeing concerning platform.

Empower your talents and ignite your company's future. Challenge bias, promote wellbeing, and foster diversity and inclusion. We know you care and here is the means - work with us and tailor-make corporate wellbeing and sustainability programs. 

All-in-one Platform

Boost wellness and performance with comprehensive corporate wellbeing programs, experience-based workshop leads strategies to execution.

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Evidence-Based Psychological Expertise

Utilise research-supported, scientifically sound, and practically effective content that enhances employee wellbeing and workplace productivity


Aligned with ESG Excellence

Empower employees with the skills to naturally integrate ESG practice into daily work, backing up management in enhancing social sustainability and aligning with SDG goals.

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Looking for an all-in-one solution that reduces stress, enhances employees' wellbeing, as well as productivity and focuses? Curious about how mindfulness practice can be tailored for the modern workplace? 

Click and learn about our customised and transformative program.

Emotional Agility

Wonder how resilience, adaptability, and emotional intelligence can be developed in workplace? Eager to create a supportive team environment and empower your people?


Click and find out how Emotional Agility can benefit your team and be practically applied into workplace context.

Five-Sense Wellbeing

Are you ready to revitalize your organization with creative wellbeing activities? Looking for holistic health approaches that encompass engaging and soothing sensory-based experiences?


Click to discover diverse activities designed to cultivate mindfulness through sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing, and vision.

Social Sustainability

Struggling to advance your company's ESG agenda? Looking for outliners among programs addressing unconscious bias, promoting diversity and inclusion?


Click here and you will find experience-based sustainability program that brings alignment, builds culture and drives initiatives for your organization.



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